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In shipping, ensuring continuous supply and supply of vessels is always a big problem that is difficult to solve. Each side has a different business segment and they cannot directly come together easily and often anytime, anywhere, customers have to rely on the maritime brokers behind the support. Determining the unique characteristics of the industry, Age-Line operates in Chartering and Brokerage based on the available strengths as follows:

Dịch vụ môi giới, thuê tàu


We will support or participate in negotiations, negotiations, advice and prepare the best conditions for the parties to conduct the signing of the Transport Contract.
  • Data sources of bulk vessels and domestic and foreign oil tankers of all sizes are available.
  • Source of cargo is based on the number of potential customers depositing the shipping company under signed C.O.A contracts.
  • Information of open cargo and vessels is constantly updated on the company’s webstie system.
  • The competence of professional company staff will guide ship owners and cargo owners to cooperate from the time of signing the contract to the performance of the contract and liquidation of the contract.
  • Willing to solve from the most difficult situations in the brokerage service of chartering bulk ships and bulk cargoes.

Dịch vụ môi giới hàng hải


Besides, we always maintain close relationships, share information and cooperate with many large shipping lines, global cargo distributors, trading companies, and processing zones. export, industrial zone, companies supplying petroleum, repairing ships, shipping services companies …
  • Charter or charter charter chartering to transport the company’s contracted cargo source.
  • Brokerage for ships and scheduled goods and voyage.
  • Brokers for cargo ships machinery equipment for the project.
  • Operate ship under customer’s C.O.A contract.

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